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General Information

1st Tier (Bottom) 100-250R = 67p
2nd Tier 100-150R = 24p
Portions 91
Pillar Formation No Pillars
Number Of Tiers Two
Cake Shape Round
Surface Style Piped
Ribbon Style Metallic
Flowers No Flowers
Dark Chocolate Mud
White Chocolate Mud
Mint Dark Chocolate Mud
Jaffa Dark Chocolate Mud
Caramel White Chocolate Mud
Chocolate Rum Raisin
Mocca & Orange Cake
Carrot & Pineapple Cake
Banana Chocolate Cake
Lemon Butter Cake (Madeira)

Fruit Cake
Nougat (DELISH)
Almond and White Choc Cake
GF Almond Orange
GF Almond Chocolate

If you would like to order this cake with any of the 'special' flavours, please enquire.

Delivery Zones

2T Gold Ribbon

SKU: NWC2516

Price Pending

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