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3D Cakes

    Selection of 3D cakes with limited customization options make this selection the easiest, most economical way to order your cake.. These cakes can be purchased online.
    3D Childrens cakes. Inspired by popular kids show characters.
    Cakes that look like any make or model of a car.
    Cakes made into super bikes, motocross bikes, Harley Davidsons etc.
    3D Cakes that look like trains, trucks and tanks.
    3D cakes of pirate ships, speed boats, yachts, jet skis etc.
    Cakes that look like planes, helicopters etc.
    3D cakes made to look like houses, skyscrapers, land marks etc.
    Cakes inspired from anything casino or gambling related.
    A hamburger cake? A beer bottle? A cocktail glass? You get the idea.
    3D cakes made to look like living animals or insects etc.
    3D cakes inspired by music. ie, a guitar or a jukebox etc.
    Cakes created to look like people, body parts, figurines, characters etc.
    Just click on the link and take a look. You'll see what we mean :)
    3D cakes of scary stuff.
    Cakes of sports related things. ie, golf bag, soccer ball, sports jersey, a bicycle helmet etc.
    Cakes made to look like stuff from around the house. ie, telephone, a hat or a shoe, a computer, etc.
    Well, speaks for its self really. Over 18's only :)