Wedding Cakes at the lowest prices

Gold Coast & Brisbane cakes with a difference!

Wedding Cakes

    Standard selection of wedding cakes with limited customization options make this selection the easiest, most economical way to order your wedding cake.. These cakes can be purchased online.
    Wedding cakes decorated with hand crafted sugar flowers of any style or colour.
    Modern or classic wedding cakes decorated with hand crafted objects instead of sugar flowers.
    Chocolate coated wedding cakes decorated with hand crafted flowers or objects. Customers can select their choice of any designs and colours.
    Wedding cakes which are created with inspiration from a natural environment.
    Wedding cakes created with a sense of humour to make your guests smile and remember that special day forever.
    Wedding cakes decorated with a couple figurine.
    Traditional frence style custard filled choux pastry towers decorated with sugar or chocolate flowers. Coating may be apricot caramel, dark chocolate or white chocolate.
    Chef Yener will personally attend to your consultation and lifesize drawings will be created and designed. Cakes created with excelent attention to detail and artistry.
    Wedding cakes which have minimal decorations such as ribbons & chords. Suitable for fresh flowers or D.I.Y.
    Wedding cakes with any type of lights involved.