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Special Cakes

    Selection of birthday cakes with limited customization options make this selection the easiest, most economical way to order your cake.. These cakes can be purchased online.
    Cakes for children.
    Flat cakes cut into the shape of your choice. May be decorated with flowers or incorporated with an edible printed image on the surface of the cake.
    Cakes inspired by numbers, whether its cut in the shape of a number, or decorated with numbers made from sugar / chocolate.
    Classic or modern special occasion cakes decorated with sugar, chocolate, fresh or silk flowers.
    Cakes designed & decorated with sugar objects that are related to your child's christening. Sentimental objects may also be incorporated with the cake's decoration.
    Hand-made sugar or chocolate centrepieces placed on the cake. Some centrepieces may be kept as a momento after the event.
    An image of your choice placed in a standing sugar frame and incorporated with a bouquet of flowers / other decorations. Perfect choice for an anniversary.
    Your lovable pets or any other animals made out of either sugar or chocolate and placed on a flat cake with some additional environmental objects.
    Nothing can put a bigger smile on the birthday person's face than a look-alike hand-made sugar or chocolate figurine of himself / herself, doing what he / she likes best.
    Cars, planes, trains, helicopters etc, made out of sugar or chocolate and placed on a cake. The edible models may be kept after the celebrations.
    Cakes inspired by celebrities